Yana Ostrovskaya

Owner of Pro studio Madrid

I started pole dancing after 12 years of career as a ballroom dancer in Russia. This sport inspired me so much that I gave my 100% from day one. So until now I have gained a lot of experience and competitions, which allowed me to give classes, workshops and work as an artist in different shows. Besides being in pole art, I specialize in exotic and double exotic.


1st Pole Action Art Switzerland 2019

1st Pole Queen Spain 2018

2nd PSO L5 Art Austria 2019

2nd Pole Art France 2018

Pole Art Italy 2019 Finalist

Pole Dance Fever Poland 2019 Finalist

1st Pole Queen Spain 2018

PSO L5 Exotic Austria 2019 Finalist

* Doubles

1st Exotic Moon Italy 2018

1st Exotic Pole Dance Contest Italy

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