Exotic Generation ES Rules

We will be launching in Spain with THREE of our top shows and categories.

Fresh New Face - Amateur

  • New category to allow all fans to have the opportunity to participate.
  • For dancers with less than 2 years practicing pole,
  • Dancers who have never competed or have competed as amateurs without having won a higher competition
  • For pole teachers and instructors who have never competed in higher categories
You cannot participate in this category if you have won a competition in a higher category.

New Face - Semi Pro

  • For dancers with more than 2 years practicing pole
  • Dancers who have already entered or competed in a semi pro category
  • Dancers with a first place in lower categories (amateur)
  • Pole teachers and instructors who have competed or who have a first place in lower categories

You cannot participate in this category if you have already participated or won a first place in professional


  • Dancers who entered or competed in a professional category
  • Dancers with a first place in the semi pro category
  • High-level dancers who make a professional living from pole


  • In this category, those who have regalia of various competitions, championships, festivals and have the status of the brightest representatives from EXOTIC POLE DANCE.
  • You can perform in any of the Exotic Pole Dance styles – Flow, Hard, Old School, as well as Freestyle.
  • Both solo performers and duets can take part in this category.

1.1. The participant must be over 18 years old.
1.2. The participant must be fit to perform. 
1.3. The participant must fulfill the requirements of the organisers and their representatives, and follow the rules and regulations during the competition.
1.5. Judges and organisers reserve the right to disqualify a competitor who violates a rule/rules at any time during the competition.
1.6. The participant should not be under the influence of narcotic substances or alcohol.
1.7. In the dressing-rooms there may be competitors and persons admitted by the organisational group. In the dressing-room it is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol, use narcotic substances.
1.8. The decision of the judges is final.
1.9. Duration of music is as follows per category:

Amateur: 3:00 min.

Semi Pro: 3:30 min.

Professional: 4:00 min.

1.10. The participant must go to the stage to present his /her show according to the order given by the organisers. Missing the performance time or delaying entering the stage (for any reason), resulting in a delay in the program of the event, is regarded as a refusal to perform and results in disqualification.
1.11.The participation fee is not refundable.

2.1. The participant must perform in a neat, well-fitting costume and it must match the participant in size.
2.2. Participants’ clothing throughout the competition should not contain advertising.
2.3. The costume must be suitable for the dance.
2.4. The costume should reflect the character of the performer’s chosen music composition.
2.5. The costume should cover all intimate places and should not open when moving.
2.6. It is forbidden to use costumes, including any costume details made of thorns and other sharp objects.
2.7. Specialist footwear is required – pole high heels. It can also be high boots or over-the-knee boots.
2.8. Gloves, wristbands on the hands and feet, and knee-guards are all permitted.

3.1. Stage hairstyle is obligatory.
3.2. Ornaments for head and hats are allowed.
3.3. Stage makeup is obligatory.

4.1. One day before the competition and during the competition, the use of moisturising lotions, creams and bronzers etc. is prohibited.
4.2. Grip is allowed, except for wax, resins & aerosols. Full list of permitted grip is available on request.
4.3. It is forbidden to use an open fire during a performance.
4.4. Scenery/props are permitted.
4.5. Racial and religious discrimination is prohibited.
4.6. The organisers are not liable for any injuries received during the festival. All participants at the time of the festival should have insurance.

The organisers promise to create an amazing fun experience.
This competition will be held on 1 x 4 meter, 45mm Chrome XPOLE. 
This will be on a truss. 

You can choose either static or spin for the final – this is the competitor’s choice. 

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