Exotic Generation is one of the world’s largest pole shows which unites Exotic Pole Dancers from all over the world.

Tyrenne Ellul brings this incredible and one of a kind brand to Spanish territory. Exotic Generation Spain is in its 2nd year so we are very excited to host this exclusive competition and meet all the talent that lives or wishes to travel to Spain to participate.

Tatiana Marsheva a cult figure in the history of the world Exotic Pole Dance.


The founder of RUSSIAN EXOTIC POLE DANCE & EXOTIC FLOW STYLE, thousands of Exoticpoledancers around the world have estudied according to her online lessons.
Creator of the theory of EXOTIC POLE DANCE and the system of separationthe system of separation into styles – EXOTIC FLOW, EXOTIC HARD and EXOTIC OLD SCHOOL, which have become an integral part of the culture of Exotic Pole Dance.

  • Professional theater actress from 1997 to 2002
  • Choreographer – director of shows in iconic nightclubs in Moscow from 2000 to 2005
  • Top teacher of Russian Pole Dance schools from 2005 to the present
  • Presenter of Exotic Pole Dance master classes around the world
  • Honorary judge of a huge number of Pole Dance festivals and competitions from 2010 to the present.

Exotic Generation Spain is in its 2nd year so we are very excited to host the first competitions and meet all the talent that lives or wishes to travel to Spain to participate.

Tyrenne Ellul

I was brought up in Gibraltar which is a beautiful unique peninsular between Spain and Africa. I was born into the dance world thanks to my mother, she owned a ballet academy, so I started dancing from the young age of 3. I took all the RAD Ballet exams. At the age of 12 I was very lucky to have been accepted into Elmhurst Ballet school in Surrey, United Kingdom. Here I really had the chance to excel further into all types of dance. After retuning back at the age of 18 I started to teach a Varity of fitness classes unfortunately due to an injury I had to stop. Shortly after this I discovered pole dance on tv.

What brought me to pole?
The love of the fusion of sport and dance all in one. I feel pole dance is a very unique and special sport. Not only being a sport but I do love the different types of styles you pole offers. From sport, flow, sensual. In my opinion it’s the most complete sport and at the same time empowering women all over the world.

My Studios

After spending years self-teaching myself, learning, and creating myself, I opened my first studio in Gibraltar shortly after this I moved to Marbella where I opened two more studios called Fly Pole Marbella. I wanted to share the love I had for pole dance and also empower other women. Thanks to my pole studios I have met some beautiful students.



After years of continuing to grow in this beautiful industry, taking workshops abroad I then went on to the competing which was a real goal for me. I like to set myself little projects. Being an instructor sometimes we need a little something for ourselves. As a dancer I love to be on stage, this is the reason why I like to compete, to create, and enjoy this special moment onstage. This for me is the most important part of competing. What happens after is PLUS!

A couple of years after I organized my own Pole Competition in Marbella where I have over 100 Participants sign up from all over the world.

At this time there were not pole classes near me so I purchased my own pole and taught my self and fell inlove immediately.

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