World Pole Dance Festival
in Spain

24th of February 2024



After such a successful first edition of Exotic Generation Spain 2023 with over 100 entries, we are pleased to announce we will be having our second edition on 24th February 2024 at VOLARE NIGHT club one of the most popular in Marbella.

This year will be doing things a little differently, all applications will be judged and we will have the best of the best get to the finalist list. All entry videos will be judges and send back with feedback.

Are you ready for Edition 2 of Exotic Generation Spain ?


  • Amateur
  • Semi Pro
  • Professional
  • Stars
  • Doubles


Ratio of tricks and choreography – optional but KEEP IT LOW!
This category doesn’t require hard pole tricks from the participant – these are considered to enhance the performance only. This category focuses on dance composition in exotic flow style.
The focus is on “near the pole” choreography, which includes poses, flow and floor-work. These elements have became iconic of the Flow style (slow flowing movements from one to another that are based on impulses and creating a sense of one slow stream made of movements).

Ratio of tricks and choreography – spark off as much as you can!
This category is for those who love “Australian style”, “Koda-style”. So put on your heels and dance your heart out! Main condition – your tricks have to relate to dance, and we have to see an outstanding show not just a set of different elements on the pole. Image, idea and composition are important!

Ratio of tricks and choreography – we want more of a SHOW than tricks!

Here we want to see a real SHOW without rules and restrictions, the bigger the better, think all out show, props the lot! Its your time to shine!

Ratio of tricks and choreography – optional.
Exotic Pole Dance groups or duets can take part in this category. This is more about how you move together as a group/duet. Whether tricks or choreography it needs to be perfectly in sync so we dont know who to look at!

Ratio of tricks and choreography – All choreography!
This style returns to the roots of Pole Dance. This category is closer than others to “striptease”. The main attention is given to sensuality and femininity, on sexuality and passion! This category is to allow the authentic side of pole, this is to celebrate the true stripper style.





Info coming soon


Info coming soon


Exotic Generation has some of the most prestigious and experienced judges on their panel. 

This year we will be offering workshops with professionals as teachers.

Attractive young sexy female pole dancer performs.

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